“Providers of Engineering, Technical and Management Search and Recruitment Services”

LT Staffing’s three platforms of talent acquisition products enable us to meet the exact needs of our clients, at all levels of an organization.

With search capabilities to accommodate any situation, LT Staffing, Inc. is committed to truly understanding your industry, company, and culture.

We use a proactive process to find individuals, whether executive, middle management, or individual contributor, who best “fit” your organization and the needs of the open position.

Here is what we offer our clients for services:

1. Retained Executive Search
    Our Retained Executive Search practice is a format engaged exclusively for specific

          A.) We conduct a customized search
          B.) Tailored to fully meet all of the requirements of the client
          C.) Including providing the client with all research and competitive data uncovered during the
          D.) We seek out and market to candidates
          E.) Individuals who are too busy to respond to job postings
          F.) We do not scout traditional or passive job seekers
          G.) We focus on scouting top talent in the specific domain
          H.) We use extensive research methods to identify the industry’s peak performers
          I.) We find top talent that is not necessarily looking to be found
          J.) We personally interview all candidates prior to presenting them to our clients
          K.) We utilize a deliverable-based payment schedule

    LT Staffing’s talent acquisition and assessment process consistently yields the identification
    and presentation of superior candidates.

2. Contingency Talent Acquisition
    Technical knowledge is the key to LT Staffing’s contingency recruitment success.

          A.) With each project, we strive to gain a comprehensive understanding of your company’s
          B.) We strive to gain the scope of the position at hand
          C.) If applicable, a Partner will visit your site, observe your operations
          D.) If applicable gather a complete description of the position, its qualifications and
          E.) Armed with that knowledge, LT Staffing, Inc. will begin a targeted search designed to
                quickly identify the best talent to fit your position
          F.) We are able to respond rapidly to your open opportunity based on our depth of
                experience filling similar needs
          G.) We are able to respond rapidly to your open opportunity based onour expansive
                resources at hand

3. Contract Professionals
    Contract Temporary | Temporary to Permanent

    The threefold benefits of hiring contract employees make for an attractive staffing solution.
          A.) Contract staffing is low-risk, allows complete flexibility
          B.) Contract staffing allows complete flexibility
          C.) Contract staffing frees you from related employment burdens

    Keep your options open and choose from contract temporary or temporary to permanent.
    With each staffing solution, LT Staffing, Inc. absorbs the complete employment burden for
    thecontract employee you hire, including payroll, taxes, and workers’ compensation.

4. Full Service Search
    No matter the type of talent acquisition search, LT Staffing, Inc. offers its clients
    the following complementary services:
          A.) Off-Site interviewing
          B.) Reference & background checks